Meetings and Corporate Services

 MET Meetings are at the Top

Corporate 30-seat Jet Charters


MET Corporate Services has been of proud service to the Kroger Company for over 25 years. We provide  site selection, meeting management, accounting, IT and backhouse operations to allow the Kroger executives to focus their time on their teams. From the beautiful “Sawmill Creek Resort and Conference Center on Lake Eire to  Nemacolin Woodlands in Pennsylvania to the Destin Florida Resort and Conference Center, let our team save your company time and money.  MET can also organize golf tournaments and other social networking events. 


Corporate 30-seat Jet Charters

Based at convenient Akron-Canton and City Airport Cincinnati Airports, MET will coordinate your cost-effective domestic air travel with Ultimate Air’s 30-seat corporate jets. Multiple pick-ups and time saving private boardings will get your team to their destination and allow them to work enroute. (On some publicly traded corporations, MET is required to use different aircraft to separate  C-level officers. We are fully Dodd-Frank Act compliant.) 


MET EXe Coach seating


For land transportation, MET can provide 30 to 40 seat Corporate Motorcoaches. Full WiFi and multimedia equipped, these coaches also provide an opportunity to work and meet. They are great for store/facility tours and client networking to top events. 


Nicklaus MET Meetings

 From large annual meetings and trade shows to Board retreats, MET Tours will do the work and you will get the praise. We secure rates without the properties knowing the group and this saves you tens of thousands in up-charged rates and fees. We like affordable luxury to have something your team will look forward to and enjoy. But “no-flash.” Meetings are a tool to raise profits and stock values.  

As previously mentioned, we are very proud of our service to the Kroger Company. As  one of the world’s largest food retailers, with fiscal  sales in 2017 of $108.5 billion, Kroger has grown by acquiring complimenting concerns. Their meetings welcome the new executives and allow an opportunity for the Kroger team to network in person, face to face. This personal way of welcoming  new team members is the” winning way” to build your Human Capital. We are proud to assist and learn from the industry leader. We would also be very proud to assist your company.