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MET Tours is very proud of our 20 years of service to AULTMAN Heath Foundation and it excellent Hospitals and Professionals. Their award-winning PrimeTime Program and 5-0 Program are of service to over 64,000 members in the Akron-Canton, Ohio area. From China, South Africa, Galapagos Islands, Switzerland to Island Hopping the Outer Banks of North Carolina, MET Tours has provided unmatched adventures and security for PrimeTime Travel members!
For upcoming Travel Programs and Wellness Events please visit AULTMAN PrimeTime at the link below;
MET Tours is also proud of over 20 years of “backhouse’ Travel Services to the “crossroads” private Bank travel program for First Financial Bank and Sand Ridge Bank Travel Club. We have managed over 1,000 Private Bank “Non-Demand Deposit” Clients with luxury, exotic and extended travel services.
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